What do YOU want the villages of Newport, Quendon and Rickling to look like in 10 or 15 years time?

We have the right to guide the future shape and function of our own villages via something called a Neighbourhood Plan. It is a formal agreement for the long-term development of where we live. Residents are involved at every step via surveys, consultations and a referendum at the end. And once adopted, most likely in 2017/18, we can use our plan to guide development in our villages. It is a legally binding roadmap for the future of our villages that we all decide. 

​The Neighbourhood Plan allows YOU to have your say, and help shape the future of where we live.

A Steering Group has been set up to see us through the process.  The members are Cllr Howard Bowman (Newport Parish Council), Cllr Brandon Chapman (Quendon & Rickling Parish Council), Cllr Anthony Gerard (UDC & Newport Parish Council), Cllr Neil Hargreaves (Uttlesford District Council), Tracey Hepting (Quendon resident), David Mayle (Newport resident), Chris Murphy (Newport resident) and Mike Hannant (Newport resident). It currently meets weekly. The funds for the Plan will be provided by the Parish Councils and through grants made by the Government and the District Council. 

Click on this link to visit the Newport Quendon & Rickling Neighbourhood Plan webiste at www.nqrplan.org. It will open in a new window.